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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I think baby has changed quite alot since the last big quarrel, she isn't tat immature anymore, she dun throw silly temper, she dun abuse me and lastly she was very much a sweeter girl already. This is great cause she actually changed her bad habits! I actually thought of giving up on this relationship cause of the things i had to tolerate with. Hope her change will last for a long long time! Muacks! Love u baby!

my LOVE for YOU never FADES. This is for YOU My LOVE x33
7:20 AM

Friday, April 30, 2010

Yesterday, i went home very early cause our dept had gathering. I log onto yahoo and the 1st thing i saw was main news heading which read something like: "thousands of strangers and friends mourns over girl that suicide on facebook"

I went to clicked on it and this girl by the name of melissa toh came up. She's the girl who jumped off the building on 28th of april. Iogged onto my facebook and glanced through her memorial group.

I felt very sad and devasted while browsing through each pictures and comments everyone wrote. Even though i do not know her but in my heart i felt this deep sense of pain over her death. I do not know what's going on, i saw all her pictures and drawings and i realised that she was a very talented girl. It's really a pity to see her gone like that, i froze for 10minutes in a daze trying to straighten out my feelings but i realised i can't. I became very emo over it, i think i'm going crazy soon.

I didn't know that melissa toh could actually cause a very big impact in my life.. I learnt how to treasure and appreciate my loved ones around me and spend alot of time with them.

Really hope that the place that she's going to will be a better place. A place without sorrows, pain, loneliness and emptiness.

Ps: melissa, where ever you are. I hope that you are happy there. Even though i do not know you, but you cause a big impact on me. Hopefully i can get to know you in my next life. Carry on and be happy! This post is for you! Rest in peace!

my LOVE for YOU never FADES. This is for YOU My LOVE x33
11:19 PM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My tittle says it all.. SIGH! I'll be enlisting in the army soon (dec 11th) hopefully I can spent more time with baby after i resign from working. Been very tired recently due to work and some quarrels here and there.

I think this is the 2nd week that i haven't meet baby le cause she's been locking herself up and doing some recovery from her surgery.

Hopefully i can meet baby on this friday! School wise i can say that it's fcuked up cause they did not ask me to retake my tests until when i checked them out after trinh they all received the graduation invitation.

I'm only able to retake it when i'm in the army. :( fcuk u shatec!

Currently on my way to a 7am shift. I hate it when it's a 7am work! :(

my LOVE for YOU never FADES. This is for YOU My LOVE x33
6:21 AM

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Met up with baby today, actually mood was quite good. But all of a sudden it became bad for NO obvious reasons. -.- i of course played my part by trying to make her laugh and she was pinching and slapping my arm on the train when so many people are watching. We went to our favourite hawker center at chinese garden for bak kut teh, after that we were discussing abt maple and baby started to gl me for no reason! Due to insufficient sleep, i retaliated back and this caused baby to be unhappy all the way to her popo's house. ._. Wtf is wrong?! She has her temper and i have mine too! She loses her temper FREQUENTLY and i'll always make her laugh. Can't i just let go my temper oso? Zzz..

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my LOVE for YOU never FADES. This is for YOU My LOVE x33
4:05 PM

Monday, October 19, 2009

2nd year anniversary

Baby and me went to the zoo last friday as a part of our 2nd year anniversary outing. It was raining heavily in the morning but luckily it stopped before we met, baby and me took a train to chua chu kang mrt station and transferred to a cab to zoo.

Baby was SO excited abt the zoo trip that she kept asking me to hurry up. We bought tickets and went into the zoo after we had our lunch at KFC.

The moment we stepped into the zoo, baby immediately took out the N95 and started taking pictures! She took like 200+ pictures at the zoo until the fone died out on her.

We went to watch 2 animal shows and went to the kids area in the northern part of the zoo. We fed the goats with vegetables and took pictures with them.

We left the zoo at 5pm and we went to Jurong Point to do some grocery shopping as baby said she wanna cook for me. I don't really trust her cooking though. When we reached home, i prepared some ingredients for baby to cook but in the end i cooked 2 dishes and baby only cook the vegetables! :x

I really enjoyed the trip and the food baby cooked cause baby don't come over everyday!

Muacks! Baby thank you for the nice food that you've cooked and thank you for being there for me for the past 2 years! Although i did not get u any present this year, but it will be a belated one! I love you baby!

my LOVE for YOU never FADES. This is for YOU My LOVE x33
3:19 PM

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vietnam trip

Daniel and I embarked on our own journey to vietnam on the 23rd of september. But i woke up at 6.30am to pack some last minute clothes and went to meet baby for breakfast.

Actually i don't really feel comfortable going overseas without baby by my side, I was actually worrying that baby skip her meals, didn't eat well and stuffs.

I met baby at around 9am and we went to mac for breakfast, at around 9.30 daniel called me and told me that he'll be late as he just woke up (oh well).

baby didn't send me to the airport, we departed after our breakfast. Guess baby don't wanna part with me bahs.

we are supposed to check in at around 10.50 but when I arrive at the airport it was already 11am, therefore daniel and I went over to do our check in immeidately.

We arrived at vietnam at around 2pm and the f**king custom officer chop the bloody passport in a bloody SLOW motion! he took like 10mins to chop 1 passport!

Trinh and Minh arrived at the airport with their driver to fetch us to the hostel, everything was feeling very alright.

Trinh and Minh treated us to most of the dinner and lunch there, we went to this place called Dalat on the 2nd day. The trip was a 10hour+ trip and we travelled like 500+ km to the place, it was really rewarding as dalat was very cooling. It's a very nice place with very nice weather and a lot of nice people.

We visited a lot of places and on the 3rd night, we went to try out the duck egg which is almost fully developed. The was was a mixture of meat and salted egg, daniel wasn't really used to the egg and therefore he does not felt too good.

The bahn minh and the Pho there was VERY superb! it was so tasty that we had it as supper everynight.

We left vietnam with a lot of beautiful memories, I really wanna go back there when I have the chance. Most probably it will be when trinh and minh getting married bahs.

I ddn't write a lot cuz PICTURE speak a thousand words! i've posted all the pics on my facebook! go take a look! xD

my LOVE for YOU never FADES. This is for YOU My LOVE x33
4:49 PM

Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm wrting this entry as i'm walking home, juz like friday nite. I missed my last train back cuz i had final supper with nick, he's finishing his attachment already. Following on i took a bus back with mr. Zul, my ex WOP manager. On the bus, i didn't really noticed the couple behind us as they dun look a least bit familiar to me at 1st. But when mr. Zul fell asleep and i looked into the mirror's reflection den i noticed the guy. It's derrick, my old fren from sec sch. I dunno if he noticed about me or not but looking at him brought me back to the happy moments we once had. At the same time baby was smsing with me as she had trouble sleeping, i told her about me spraining my ankle and falling down. She immediately asked if i'm alright and stuffs, i can see that she's worried about me. She's actually been very worried and cared about me more than anyone else, juz tat she dun say it out loud. I really felt a mixture of feelings right now, dunno how to explain it. If i can, i would hug baby tightly and tell her that i love her. Even though we'll be seeing each other in less than 24 hours, but i can't help to miss her..

my LOVE for YOU never FADES. This is for YOU My LOVE x33
1:12 AM